Edinburgh: Perfect for Splendid Spa and Sightseeing Getaways

If you’re searching for a destination where you can combine all the luxury of a spa break with some of the UK’s best sightseeing opportunities, why not consider Edinburgh? Scotland’s beautiful capital has so much to offer – read on to find out more.Scotland has long been associated with healthy and relaxing breaks, from simply enjoying its amazing green spaces to early forms of spas, which used to be known as hydro hotels.When it comes to taking spa breaks in Scotland, there are numerous destinations you could choose, but Edinburgh is a particularly special option. After all, this stunning city is home to a wealth of things to do and see, giving you so much more than the relaxation of the spa alone.For example, while you’re here you could explore the grand Edinburgh Castle, which is one of the best-loved attractions in the city. Once you have paid your visit, you could take a stroll down the historic Royal Mile, wandering through this enchanting maze of streets and its intriguing buildings.Among them you will find the Scotch Whisky Heritage Centre, where you can learn all about the delicious drink that the nation is so famous for.As well as exploring the Old Town, you could head up to the New Town and stroll around the wide streets and wonderful Georgian architecture.There are also plenty of fantastic shops to peruse during your stay – particularly if you visit Princes Street.So, once you have finished sightseeing, what are your spa options? Perhaps one of the best places to choose is the Sheraton Grand Hotel and Spa, where you’ll find the splendid Spa One.Offering great views out over the castle, this centrally located hotel provides an excellent variety of indulgent, relaxing and reviving spa treatments, such as facials and deep tissue massages.As well as treatments, you can also simply enjoy the various facilities on offer, like the 19 m swimming pool that’s surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass walls. An immensely light space, the pool is a great place to unwind, whether you want to take a dip or simply lie on one of the loungers around the water.Alternatively, why not try out the Hydropool? Sit in here and feel mineral-rich jets of water massage your body.For world-class sightseeing and ultimate spa relaxation, breaks in Edinburgh are a wonderful choice – so start planning your getaway today.

Mind, Body, And Spirit – Me And My Cell-Phone Aren’t So Different

Understanding “who” and “what” you are is one of the prerequisites for finding balance, peace, happiness, and control in your life. For example, until you know what a car is, and have some idea about how it operates, you are more of a danger than you are in control. Your mind, body, and spirit – and the relationship between them – is much more complex than a car – but much simpler, too.Imagine your cell phone; and consider that there is a body that you touch and interact with, as well as a power-source, and information stored in a memory card and processor like thoughts and memories stored in your brain and mind. If we compare ourselves to a cell phone, the phone is the “body,” the sim-card, or memory card, the brain; and the energy stored in the battery, flowing through the sim-card, and making the whole thing light-up and make noise, would be the “animating force,” or spirit.In order for your cell phone to work properly, or as-designed, all three basic components need to be in working order and joined together the way they were meant to be. When you separate the battery from the phone, it no longer works; likewise, when you separate the “mind” of the phone, it will still work, but it won’t work like it did before – it won’t remember anyone’s phone number, and it won’t even remember it’s own. A phone without a “mind” is only as useful as a toy; and a phone without a battery is simply dead.With humans, we have a physical body which is animated by an invisible energy that we only know exists because of the work it does and the effects it causes; we call that energy, “Spirit.” Spirit is capable of doing any work and carrying any information – whether or not we nurture it, think about it, or use, guide, or direct it efficiently and effectively. Spirit is life; and spirit is always there and available. Bodies, however, are formed and physical; all such things have a temporary existence, but if we keep the batteries charged and the pieces together, we can dramatically extend the useful life of a phone or a human body.Cell phones and humans have other things in common, too. They were both designed for a purpose; and they operate within a much larger system – that was also designed for a purpose. The phone cannot ever know who conceived and designed it; nor does it truly know who is using it – or why. Nonetheless, a cell phone can do lots of stuff and make lots of noise; and so can we – without much more understanding of our true nature than a cell phone has of its own. In fact, most people don’t know any more about who they are and how they work than they did when they were children. That’s good for the people making the calls – and controlling your life; but not so good for you if you want to be in control of your experience.The thing is, you have a body and, if you’re alive, your body is said to be “occupied,” or charged with, life, or spirit; but it is the mind that directs the flow of spirit through your body – and shapes your body with and around the spiritual energy available to you. Your mind can be programmed just like the memory of a phone; and anyone can do this “programming” – teachers, preachers, parents, friends, television, etc… And, since it is your mind that controls your emotions (how spirit is flowing through you) and your body, then whoever is programming your mind is controlling most aspects of your life experience. How are their programs working for you?Think about it; and then take steps to decide what kind of life you want – and program your brain for it. You’ve done it before and called it, “learning;” now learn something you want to learn for yourself. Teach yourself how to think new thoughts and do new things; then, dial-up any kind of life you want. You can do it; we all can. And, even if you don’t remember, you’ve done this before.

Document Control Software – Managing Your Documents With Ease

Almost all organizations keep records digitally in today’s world, but it is not enough to simply type the records into a word processor and save them on an office hard drive. Organizations need greater control and access to their records, which is where document control software comes in. This software organizes documents and makes them easily accessible to personnel, while also allowing executive control over who can and cannot access them. Security is a paramount concern for any organization, and they must be certain that a conversion to digital record-keeping will not render their information less secure. To this end, such software is designed with the best Internet security measures available, making the documents as secure as a bank or government network.Document control software allows an organization to compile a master list of its essential documents and records. It can not only store digital copies of these records, but also maintain a database of each record’s physical location, if any. Storing documents digitally allows the organization to restrict access to them when it needs to. As such, it combines the power of accessing and managing documents from anywhere in the world with the security tools to keep those documents only in the right hands. User-specific access restrictions are employed to ensure that those who require access to the records will have no trouble getting to them, while those who are not allowed such clearance are blocked.It’s also very important for organizations to keep track of revisions to its documents. Document control software maintains records of revisions and allows the user to view past versions of revised documents. Such software ensures that organizations never lose track of the evolution of their processes and record. Meanwhile, the software also allows the user to reference documents to each other, making it easy to group related information. Cross-referencing and hyperlinking further add to the flexibility of the digital document platform, making such records far more useful and productive than printed ones.Document control software can serve as a complement to printed records, by keeping secure digital copies while also tracking the location of the originals, or it can serve as a replacement for them. Either way, organizations can enjoy the flexibility of accessing their documents from anywhere in the world. And the software’s emphasis on security and ease of locating relevant documents makes it an essential tool for organizations to more efficiently store and access records.